• Brand: SCHOLL
  • Cat No: 5201347169992

The Electric System Nail Scholl Velvet Smooth is the perfect and easiest way for healthy and shiny nails in the hands and feet.

Use of the device is based on 3 simple steps:

  • Step 1: rasp to give shape to your nails
  • Step 2: rub to smooth the surface of the nail
  • Step 3: polishe to pamper shine and healthy look to your nails

Nail care is an essential part of the daily routine of female beauty. The shaping and polishing of the nails in the legs is the next most significant activity after cleaning the legs and the cutting of nails. Similarly, in the hands, shiny and healthy nails are an indispensable element of a beautiful appearance. Unfortunately, the treatment of the nails in the feet and hands is for most a rather arduous process, while the really good results can usually be achieved only with expensive and time-consuming manicure-pedicure. The new System Electric Nail Velvet Smooth from Scholl comes to solve this problem, offering professional care for the nails of the feet and hands from the comfort of your home.

For a perfect finish, apply the Nourishing Oil Nail Velvet Smooth with seven complex vitamins easy to use, gives hydration even more shine to nails and cuticles.