• Brand: SCHOLL
  • Cat No: 4002448087441

Give your heels the sneaker feel.
Transparent gel with an extra slim design is discreetly hidden when worn in everyday heels. The ultra-thin design doesn't crowd toes while still cushioning the ball of the foot from pressure.
Designed and assessed in consultation with foot care specialists. Non-slip design ensures that your feet and insole stay firmly in place.

The Scholl GelActiv Technology:

Distinct GelActiv technology comprises two gels that effectively absorb shock and reduce the pressure felt on your feet; a firmer gel that supports the arches of your feet and your heels, plus a softer one to ensure the optimum shock absorption.

Directions for Use: Ensure inside of shoe is clean and dry before use. Remove plastic backing and look for a marking to indicate left (L) versus right (R) insole. Place the insole sticky side down into the front of the shoe, ensuring the raised area starts at the beginning of the slope of your shoe (this will be under the ball of your foot). Reposition as needed. Replace after six months or first signs of wear. To remove the insole, pull it slowly and gently out of the shoe.

Suitable for shoes sizes UK: 3-7.5, EUR: 35-40.5 

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