• Brand: MEDISANA
  • Cat No: 4015588410178

Scalp lice cannot jump, they climb. That is why contamination only takes place where heads or hair come together. Too often the solution is an unpleasant procedure using chemical agents or painful removal with conventional lice combs.
The electric lice comb LC 860 is the easy, safe and more comfortable method of removing scalp lice. Lice and nits are killed by electric impulses whilst combing through the hair.
Also suitable for dogs and cats!

  • The LC 860 electric lice comb from Medisana is a practical aid for head lice. It effectively removes head lice and their nits by simply combing - without any side effects, as no chemicals are used
  • WITHOUT SIDE EFFECTS: When in contact with the tines of the comb, the lice are killed by an electrical impulse. The LC 860 electric lice comb therefore has no side effects
  • For dogs and cats: Often also our domestic four-legged friends suffer from lice. Whether human or animal - the electric lice comb LC 860 from Medisana is suitable for pets such as dogs and cats
  • FOR THE MOVEMENT: Since the comb is battery powered, it can also be used outdoors
  • DELIVERY: Medisana LC 860 lice comb, batteries, operating instructions
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